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So, you've enjoyed your stay on this jolly conglomeration otherwise known as the Stuart Vallantine Web Experience. Like any good museum/visitor centre, the guided tour ends at the souvenir shop.

This website of course is no exception, albeit without the physical presence, tacky rubbers and the carousel of Shire Books on Jacobean Furniture or Amusement Arcade Slot Machines. For anybody who has taken the trouble to visit my site, thank you very much for browsing.

Now show your appreciation by giving these moths some fresh air and buy something. Or download something freely. Cushty!

An S.V. creation the most affordable way

If you liked the drawings or any of the photographs within this site, why not show your appreciation by purchasing a T-Shirt, mouse mat or some notelets featuring my artwork?

Shopping is easy through the Stuart Vallantine Web Experience. Just click on the text link below, which will take you to my page and start shopping. All transactions are handled by Cafepress, which means no information, bank details and the like are handled by myself.

Download free stuff

Feel free to download any pamphlets from this page. Please note that all files are saved in the Adobe PDF file format which with suitable software can be read on Windows/Linux PCs and Mac OS X PCs. All files can be downloaded for personal/academic use.

If you wish to reproduce any part of my work digitally or in printed form, please email me beforehand. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited, unless the article is covered under the jurisdictions of a Creative Commons license.

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