Useful Links

Relevant links and useful websites

I have chosen a selection of links which you may find useful after reading this site. The links I have here complement most of the written content throughout this site. For ease of reading, I placed these links in categorical form:

Autism Spectrum Conditions

This section covers links relevant to Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder, Asperger Syndrome and the like, including persons on the autistic spectrum.

  • Donna Williams: Australian author of the best-selling book 'Nobody Nowhere'. Also a sculptor, artist, poet and composer;
  • Wendy Lawson: another Australian author whom I've had the joy of sharing a platform with. Also a poet and an author.

Artists, Photographers and Other Creatives

A selection of sites by other creatives of similar leanings to yours truly.

  • Manc Transit: All aspects of urban life which most persons take for granted, lovingly photographed. Subjects range from bus stations to subways and pithead winding gears.
  • John Kimpton: A well established and talented local artist, known for street scenes and cat pictures. Includes examples of artwork and online store.

Special Interests

Websites based around the varied interests of Stuart Vallantine.

  • Stalybridge Celtic A.F.C.: Established 1909. The official site with fixtures, discussion forum and match reports. Oh, and this fellow's done some poetry for them;
  • Saddleworth Buses: David Beilby's seminal archive of buses in and around Saddleworth. Includes reference to express services and The Mighty 343 service.