Digital Photography

Life through a fuzzy electronic viewfinder

As a causal effect of developing my website and my transport interests, I have over the last decade taken an interest in photography, both of the digital and analogue forms.

In the last five years, most of my pictures were taken with digital cameras. Some of which have surfaced on this website. This was driven by a penchant for capturing the current Greater Manchester bus scene, as well keeping a photographic record of my travels.

Early Snapshots

Like most children of the late 1970s and early 1980s, my photographic adventures began with an instamatic camera of some description. My first shots were taken with the Kodak 36 Instamatic Camera, an early 1970s model which took 126 film and flash cubes. Then I bought my first camera to call my own in August 1990, at a car boot sale. This was another instamatic, a Hanimex one taking 110 film with a built-in flash similar to my Nana's.

My first 'grown up camera' (by which I mean one taking 35mm film) was a Practica Zoom 50 in 1999. Some of my early transport images were taken with that one.

My Digital Switchover

Early 2004 saw the addition of a digital camera to my collection, an Olympus Camedia C300 which took Smart Media cards. Two years later, this was replaced by a Nikon Coolpix 5600 taking Secure Digital cards. This fellow still sees regular service due to its discrete size, especially in areas where taking my Compact System Camera (purchased in December 2010) would be a no-no.

Favoured Subjects

As you can tell from this website, public transport features heavily amongst my favoured photographic subjects. A great many of which appear on my Flickr feed. I also enjoy photographing historical buildings, town centres and unusual objects. In recent times, there has been greater use of visuals on my personal blog where my Flickr feed is innocently plundered to illustrate many an article.

Examples of digital photography

Click on each of the thumbnails for a closer look at my digital photography.

One of the most northerly hills which make up the Malvern Hills. Seen in the 1991 version of the GM Buses livery. Seen on Stevenson Square, Manchester. Seen outside The Woodthorpe public house near Heaton Park. Seen at Ashton-under-Lyne tram station on the line's first day of operation. Seen in the 1974 Greater Manchester Transport livery.