Stuart Vallantine: The Artist

About my artwork

From the age of three, my early compositions were the usual scribbles.

This changed within a year. By then, I was interested in televisions and maps, and drew televisions. My first notable real drawing was a map of the United Kingdom - drawn from memory - which attracted the attention of staff at my then nursery class.

Drawing was more than a pastime. Drawing was the bridge between me being quiet, dead to the world and screaming. Drawing also became an escape route. Even today, I feel lost without a pen and some paper. This is also applicable to my written material.

A four day assessment at Ewing School in 1986 (prior to joining in January 1987), also noticed the advanced drawing skills. Then, a new phrase entered the vocabulary: photographic memory. This is employed today for original compositions, where buildings were planned in rough or straight to paper from the subconscious mind. This also applies to buses I have drawn in Greater Manchester Transport livery (both 1974 and 1980 variants).

My media of choice is a technical pen, often using a rule and sometimes French curves. I have tried other media such as pastels, Conte crayons, oil paints and felt pens. My usual weapon of choice serves me well, as I am more able to do drawings with intense detail with them.

Examples of my artwork

Click on each of the thumbnails for a closer look at my drawings.

Office Blocks The Little Telford Community Centre A picture of the City of Truro steam locomotive passing the eponymous city itself A picture of Class 55 Deltic diesel locomotive, 55009 Alycidon approaching Stalybridge station A picture of Rusty, a golden Cocker Spaniel A City Centre bus terminus with multi-storey car park and tram station Hatfield Library A Sheffield Transport bus in the now closed Chester Street bus station, Bradford The New Rotherham Civic Centre The Futurist Inn, a modernist public house