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As a companion to the links section, I have decided to list a few books which I would recommend reading after browsing this site. Unless stated otherwise, most of these titles should be easily available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, WHSmith, or your independent book shop.

Alternatively, you can pester your local library to order them for you for future borrowing (some may charge a small fee for that service).

I have read all these titles myself, so you can rely on this list being based on my experience as a reader, instead of being some randomly created list or advertising copy.


Books on autism and creativity; written anthologies and pictorial art books.

'Urville', Gilles Trehin

One of my favourite 'artism' related books, if not, my all time favourite. Gilles Trehin's imaginary city is beautifully illustrated, dissected and annotated in this A4 landscape softback, detailing the history of his city. As soon as I saw his works, I couldn't believe the similarity of style in his work to my line drawings! I too have tried to create Utopia (on A3 - A5 paper) with limited success.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2006)

'Not Just Anything: A Collection of Thoughts on Paper', Donna Williams

A worthwhile addition to the Donna Williams canon with example of her poetry and song, including black and white illustrations. I most enjoy 'Dreamer' and 'Modern Day Person' from this anthology. It is also my most read poetry book in my personal library.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2004)

'An Exact Mind: The Asperger Artist at Work', Peter Myers

Co-written by Simon Baron-Cohen and Sally Wheelwright, this A4 portrait book includes full colour and black and white illustrations of his most detailed abstract work. A worthy addition to the bookshelf and a good coffee table book.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2003)

Autism and Asperger Syndrome

This section covers books on Asperger Syndrome and similar high functioning autism spectrum disorders. Included within this are textbooks and autobiographical accounts.

'Nobody Nowhere', Donna Williams

Donna's first autobiographical account, and one of the first books to have had a lasting impact on my life. A bestseller when published by Doubleday and Transworld Publishers in 1992, this was reprinted in 1998 by her current publishers, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (London).

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (1998, reprinted 2009)

'Somebody Somewhere', Donna Williams

The follow-up to 'Nobody Nowhere'; an equally interesting and breathtaking work. Previously published by Doubleday and Transworld Publishers in 1994, this too joined her first book in being republished by the same publishers four years later.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (1998)

'Like Colour to the Blind' and 'Everyday Heaven', Donna Williams

Both these titles chronicle a period of ten years from her consolidation as leading raconteur on autism spectrum disorders, to her return to Australia after 13 years living in the UK. The latter of the two is my favourite and my most read of her autobiographical works.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (1999 and 2004)

'Pretending To Be Normal', Liane Holliday-Willey

This was the second autobiographical account I read. A good insight into how she coped with adolescence, marriage and pregnancy.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (1999)

'Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals', Tony Attwood

Read in just six days on the fag end of August 2002, this book marked a defining point from where I was more able to accept myself. I read the book under the nose of my mum who borrowed it at the time. The book is a no nonsense primer on Asperger Syndrome, written in clear jargon free English.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (1998)

Asperger Syndrome and Employment: Adults Speak Out About Asperger Syndrome', Edited by Genevieve Edmonds and Luke Beardon

A useful guide on how to survive in the workplace written by several members of Aspie Village (a UK based Asperger Syndrome forum). Included is a 6,500 word contribution by myself!

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2008)


Favourite rock and pop related books.

'The Supertramp Book', Martin Melhuish

Probably the most detailed reference of my favourite band Supertramp. Everything to do with Supertramp including a history of the band (1969 - 85) and profiles of Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson and John Helliwell.

Omnibus Press (1986)


I make no apologies for the Greater Manchester Transport bias of this section.

'Greater Manchester Buses', Stewart J. Brown

The definitive reference on all things SELNEC, Greater Manchester Transport and GM Buses related. Includes fleet numbers and reference to depots, bus stations and the Clippercard ticket.

Capital Transport (1995)

'Greater Manchester Transport Album', Michael Stokes

The first book which introduced me to all things Greater Manchester Transport in April 1986, back when the concessionary fare was 10p. Out of print for several years, your best chance of finding this book is at transport fairs or on eBay. This book is a coffee table publication ideal for the bus fanatic's living room.

Rochester Press (1984)

'75 Years of Mayne's Bus and Coach Ltd', Mark Hughes

A well written book on the history of A. Mayne and Son, covering both bus and coach operations of the Clayton and Warrington based company.

Venture Publishing (1995)