Scrap Book

The pictorial section of my biography

Tameside Hospital

Tameside Hospital, Darnton Road wing (now demolished)

Tameside General Hospital, Darnton Road, Ashton-under-Lyne.

This was where I made my first appearance, though not within this very wing. This picture looks better than the 1970s concrete maternity ward where I emerged from three days late.

Today, a rather anodyne block of flats is on the site of the Darnton Road building. The shame.

Guide Lane Clinic, Audenshaw

Guide Lane Clinic, Audenshaw

Guide Lane Clinic, Guide Lane, Audenshaw.

When I was regarded as "autistic" and "hyperactive", I was also tested for deafness. This was one of three clinics I visited from 1982 to 1985. Others were the Rowan House centre in Hyde and Dewsnap Lane clinic in Dukinfield.

Bury Bolton Street railway station

Bury Bolton Street railway station, Bury

Bury Bolton Street railway station, Bolton Street, Bury.

A May 1984 trip to this station and the nearby Bury Transport Museum was one trip which triggered a near lifelong obsession with the railways. The month before I went to the National Railway Museum.

This photograph was taken at the time another interest came to the fore in this establishment. The excellent Trackside Buffet Bar where this picture is taken from.

Rochdale bus station

Rochdale Bus Station

Rochdale bus station (first version, 1978 - 2013).

As well as trains, 1986 saw buses becoming a major obsession, thanks to numerous outings on the 400 to Rochdale and Bury, and the 343, my favourite route, to Mossley.

This version of Rochdale bus station photographed in 2006 is no longer with us. A sleek facility with Metrolink connections offer a marked improvement.

The Ewing School

Ewing School, Central Road, West Didsbury

The Ewing School, Central Road, West Didsbury.

Following my Statement of Special Educational Needs, April 1986, led to my four day assessment at Ewing School. This led to three happy years in West Didsbury from January 1987 to July 1990.

The Ewing School closed in August 2012 then became a temporary annexe to The Birches special school. From September 2015, it'll become a Free School of Emmanuel Church on Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury.

Withington Baths

Withington Baths, Burton Road, Withington

Withington Baths, Burton Road, Withington.

At Ewing School, swimming was the only lesson I used to dread with a passion. Despite being ten minutes walk from the school, we were driven to the baths by coach.

Of late, the swimming baths have survived closure by Manchester City Council in 2013. A friends' group is set to safeguard the baths for future swimmers.

The People's Gallery, Stalybridge

The People's Gallery, Stalybridge

The People's Gallery, Melbourne Street, Stalybridge.

The birthplace of my writing group People's Performance. In June 2003, came some successful open air poetry recitals, which led to this group. Since this photo was taken, the group have moved to new premises further down the road.

Since its formation in 2003, it has moved to bigger premises on the same street. The Poet's Corner writing was relaunched in September 2013.

Clent Parish Church

Clent Parish Church, Lower Clent, Worcestershire

Clent Parish Church, Lower Clent, Worcestershire

This picture was taken before a Donna Williams lecture at the nearby Sunfield School. At this talk, I read a poem chosen by herself. I was back ten months later to do a thirty minute talk on myself, supporting Wendy Lawson.

Bolton Arena

Bolton Arena, Horwich, Lancashire

Bolton Arena, Horwich, Lancashire

Along with Amir Khan, I too have frequented Bolton Arena, as a speaker for Bolton Council's 'Meeting Your Needs' seminar. I had three 45 minute slots in the first three months of 2007.

Roughtown, Mossley

Roughtown, Mossley, Lancashire

Roughtown, Mossley, Lancashire

A short walk from this view is Woodend Mill, where as part of the 'Gifted' weekend on the 29th November 2008 I performed examples of original poetry and adapted works.